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Anxiety Therapy in Davis, CA

If you have felt anxious for an extended period of time, I can help you influence the cycle that causes your anxiety for greater control and relief. My results-oriented anxiety therapy will help you both understand the causes of your anxiety and implement changes in your behavior to decrease the anxiety. Call me, John E. Jervis, MFT, in Davis, CA, to begin your treatment.

Understand the Source of Your Anxiety

While you may think situations or other people are causing you to feel anxious, the deeper problem is negative thought patterns and beliefs that create bad unconscious rules for action. It is these bad rules for behavior that cause anxiety to get out of control. In my anxiety treatment, we will first work to develop an understanding of the causes (events and sources) of your anxiety, and then work to identify the negative beliefs and unconscious rules for action that have destructively resulted. Then you will be ready for the next step:

Change the Hurtful Behaviors

Once we have an understanding of your anxiety, my treatment will specifically target behavior change for maximum impact on your mental health.

After we identify the hurtful behaviors which must be changed for you to feel relief, we will work together to create and pursue behavioral change goals. I will give you techniques that you can use immediately in your daily life in response to the anxiety that plagues you. We may begin with something as simple as meditation and then move to more targeted and ambitious behavior change strategies.

One technique I may have you try is exposure therapy, where exposure to the triggers for your anxiety in tolerable steps allows you to be desensitized. It is this desensitizing that makes it possible to change the destructive rules for behavior that have been hurting you. Ultimately, you will learn to control the behavior which creates your anxiety instead of letting it control you.

See the Difference Quickly

My anxiety treatment uses this two-pronged approach (understanding first and behavior change second) to deliver relief as quickly as possible. Successful implementation of the techniques and changes we discuss will allow you to influence your cycle of anxiety so that you can live more confidently and comfortably. Call me at (530) 219-5117 to schedule your first appointment.